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People need a companion with whom they can spend journey of life. Getting married to your dream man or woman is the ultimate aspiration of every person. Despite that we often end up frustrating ourselves when it comes to finding a matching life partner for shaadi. Why? This is because there is no reliable source that you can count on while you search for a rishta.

Shaadi in Sri Lanka is never an easy task. In a hectic life, people in Sri Lanka hardly find time to search people around for their marriage. At times, this results in people getting over-age for a marriage. This race against time forces them to get married in haste with someone who turns out to be an incompatible match. What follows is a life filled with compromises and adjustments that only lead to frustration. However, BiWi makes it simple for everyone to find a compatible life partner and live a happy life.

BiWi is a matchmaking podium with a global presence. It helps people search a potential candidate that match their credentials for a shadi. Now, there is no need to roam around to a marriage bureau any longer as you can find your future life partner with just a click of mouse. So, wait no more and get our service by filling out FREE registration form.

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