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Let BiWi Do the Honors for Your Swayamvara

In Hindu culture, a vivah is a bond between a boy and girl. In traditional Hindu culture, “Swayamvara” is a practice performed by girl to find her better-half for marriage. In Hindu matrimonial, finding a compatible soul mate for a girl means forming a bond that exists for even life after death. However, the Hindu community witnesses an increasing figure of unmarried female Hindus. The primary reason behind the scenario is not the marriage institution but the lack of a reliable matchmaking service. However, BiWi offers a solution for this problem.

BiWi is an online matchmaking website making it possible for your daughter to find her future husband. However, our matchmaking services are not restricted to single girls only and even bachelor boys can equally benefit from our available pool of candidates. Create a FREE account, log into our Hindu matrimonial section and find deserving candidates for your Vivah.

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